Like anything else in your home, an annual cleaning and tune-up of your air conditioning system will extend the life of your system, enhance its performance, and help you save on utility bills. Arranging an annual tune-up for your cooling system is one of the best things you can do during spring cleaning for your home—both from a comfort perspective as well as a financial one.

Routine maintenance performed by a heating and cooling professional can prevent equipment breakdowns and detect minor problems before they become costly major repairs. Additionally, most heating and cooling equipment manufacturers include language in their warranties excluding coverage if the unit becomes damaged due to improper maintenance. Why take a chance on your family’s safety or your system’s warranty?

Here are some of the steps professionals like us perform during an annual tune-up on your central air conditioning system.

  • Verify thermostat is accurate
  • Check filter and verify that it’s clean or replace it
  • Oil blower (if possible)
  • Check amp draw on compressor and fan motor
  • Clean outdoor coil and remove all debris, if necessary
  • Check, tighten, and test all electrical connections
  • Check contractor for pitting
  • Oil condenser fan motor (if possible)
  • Remove debris from inside condenser
  • Check refrigerant pressures
  • Perform superheat or sub-cool
  • Clean drain fittings and hoses
  • Check temperature drop across coil
  • Turn unit off at thermostat and back on to verify operation
  • Set thermostat to homeowner’s preference

As a Carrier dealer, we’ve been perfecting our tune-ups for more than 30 years—and they go beyond the usual inspections other dealers can offer. Count on us to check everything from the filter to the refrigerant, so your system cools comfortably all summer long.