Brr it’s a chilly 18 degrees today! Now more than ever you need that furnace of yours. While people should get their furnace maintained before fall/winter some people often believe that their furnace is in good enough shape to hold up in these cold Wisconsin winters! You go to turn it on and nothing.. Well this blog is for you! We wanted to share a couple of tips with you before calling your trusted HVAC professional.

  • As simple as it sounds, check to make sure that your thermostat is set to “HEAT.”
  • If you have a 90% AFUE furnace or higher with a white PVC intake/outtake on the side of your home, check to make sure that PVC pipe is not clogged with leaves.  If it is clogged that could be a reason why the furnace is not working.
  • If all else fails, reset your furnace. The reset switch looks like a light switch that’s on your furnace. To do this, turn the switch “off” for 20 seconds, then back on.

If you are still having problems we would love to help! Call us today before it’s get too cold and you are left without heat!

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