18Aug 2017

For over 30 years, New Berlin Heating and Air Conditioning has had the privilege of serving the people and communities of Southeastern Wisconsin.  We are humbled by the support of over 25,000 residential and commercial customers that have been given to our family at New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning, helping us grow into the […]

11Aug 2017

Air conditioners are built to run smoothly, quietly, and efficiently. However, sometimes for whatever reason – lack of maintenance, above normal usage, age, etc., they can start to run inefficiently. Not only does this make your indoor air quality less than desired, and sometimes downright miserable, but it may also increase energy bills or shorten […]

30Jun 2017

Not much is worse than having your heating and air conditioning system fail, especially in the midst of extreme cold or heat. If you monitor your HVAC system regularly, you can address many operational issues quickly, before they get much worse. Following are some common issues and possible fixes if your air conditioning is not […]

16Jun 2017

Cutting back on your air conditioning usage is not only great for the environment; it’s great for your wallet, too! We should know, as we have provided air conditioning in West Allis, Wauwatosa and all surrounding communities in Southeastern Wisconsin since 1983. Conserving electricity is always a virtuous thing to do. Though, in the hottest […]