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    Your home's temperature is not all we care about.

    We believe, first and foremost, you expect a heating & cooling contractor to provide high-efficiency comfort in your home or business — from consistent air temperature to healthy air quality.

    At New Berlin Heating & Cooling, we also believe you should be comfortable with us and the quality of our work from the moment you call us for help – to the initial sales or service visit, to explaining options and pricing, to answering every single question in detail, to the installation of your heating & cooling system, to ongoing service and maintenance.

    Your complete and total comfort has been the Eaton family commitment to every single customer since 1983.

    New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. BBB Business Review

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    We know heating & cooling.

    Don’t you hate it when sales or service personnel show up at your door to solve a problem and you quickly learn you know about as much as they do? So do we.

    We are very proud to say New Berlin Heating & Cooling’s sales consultants and factory trained, NATE certified technicians are among the most knowledgeable in the industry. They are versed in every detail of every heating, cooling and air quality system we install and service, as well as even the most rare make & model of furnace, boiler, air conditioner, humidifier, air cleaner & control system.

    Most importantly, you can rest assured that our people will put that knowledge to good use by first listening to your HVAC problem, and then designing a new system or repair of your existing one that fits your need perfectly. And always for a fair and honest price.

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    Been there. Done that.

    No matter how unique you think your HVAC problem is, most likely, we have seen it. And solved it.

    That’s because all of sales and service staff have years and years of specific industry experience. Not many heating & cooling dealers and contractors can match our overall experience and track record. And because of our long-standing family tradition, we also have the lowest turnover rate of any HVAC dealer in area.

    We want you to have the peace of mind to know when you call New Berlin Heating & Cooling, you’ll be 110% satisfied. But please don’t just take our word for it. We’d love for you to ask any number of our 25,732 residential and commercial customers we have had the privilege to serve over the last 30 or so years.

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    Call us anytime. We’ll be there.

    Is there anything worse than that helpless feeling when your furnace or air conditioner breaks down? And it always seems to happen when the temperature is either below zero or 95º right?

    Call New Berlin Heating & Cooling day or night. We’ll respond quickly and have your furnace or air conditioner back up and running as soon as humanly possible. Because no human being should ever have to shiver or sweat in their own home.

    That’s service you can believe in.

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    We want you to believe in us.

    When you find an auto mechanic, or handyman, or financial consultant you can trust, you hang on to them. Why? Because the honest ones are few and far between. We believe the same holds true with finding an honest, reliable heating and cooling contractor.

    At New Berlin Heating & Cooling, we are committed to providing a WOW experience to each and every customer each and every time you call. You can count on us to listen attentively to your problem, only recommend heating, cooling and air quality equipment or repairs you need and/or want, and always at a fair and honest price - in writing. And did we mention that there won’t be any surprise, hidden costs after we’re done?

    Mike, Debby and the rest of the Eaton family give you their word on it.

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    Friendly service at your service.

    Polite, accommodating sales people. Friendly respectful service technicians & installers. Most people would say that’s too good to be true. Not so my friends.

    Ask one of our customers and they will tell you New Berlin Heating & Cooling sales and service people are the nicest, most attentive, obliging and chivalrous in the business. Okay, chivalrous may be a little over the top, but you get the idea.

    We assure you we would never consider trying to force a heating, cooling or air quality system on a customer. Nor would we ever push too hard to close a sale, or recommend a repair you didn’t need.

    Instead, we promise to offer you new equipment & repair options – low, middle and all the bells & whistles for you to choose. Then, we’ll wait patiently for you to decide, always ready to answer any and every question – in great detail. And our installers and service techs will smile the whole time they are in your home. Okay, maybe smiling while they are lifting your new furnace down a flight of stairs might once again be a stretch.

    The point is, that's the way Mike Eaton does it, so that’s the way we all do it.

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    We were in your home, scouts honor.

    Our customers often comment how they could hardly tell we were ever in their homes to install a new furnace, boiler or humidifier. As a matter of fact, sometimes we’ve heard that particular area of their basement actually looks better than before we got there. Imagine that.

    New Berlin Heating & Cooling sales and service technicians are obsessed with cleanliness. No footprints on your carpet. No dirty rags or litter in your basement. No foul language while we are working.

    Again, this comes from the top. Debby Eaton expected her son Mike to keep his room spit spot and that tradition has been passed on to everyone who represents our company.

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    We didn’t say that. One of our customers did.

    “Night and day better than my last heating & cooling contractor. From the owner to my salesman to the technicians, they have all been fantastic!”

           -Marilynn from Muskego

    “Great service. Reasonable price. Excellent people.”

           -Bernie from New Berlin

    “The New Berlin Heating salesman came out, listened, and then recommended solutions that went from least expensive to medium to a high priced system that had all the bells & whistles. He gave me options which I appreciated. He was very thorough. From that moment on, I was hooked.”

           -John from Waukesha

    “Tried to get 5 dealers to bid on replacing my furnace. 2 didn’t even call me back. One was $3,000 higher than New Berlin. One was cheaper but didn’t trust them. Randy, my New Berlin Heating sales guy was so professional and so knowledgeable, that as soon as I met him, New Berlin Heating was my choice.”

           -Lynn from Menomonee Falls

    “The HVAC dealer I had before was great - in the beginning. But then I had a different sales or service guy every time I called and they began to nickel and
    dime me. I dreaded the techs when they came over. Just couldn’t trust them anymore. Called New Berlin Heating & Cooling and have been thrilled ever since.
    Not one problem!”

           -Joe from Milwaukee

    “Very impressed with the salemanship and commitment to find the right solution for the customer.”

           -Dave from Richfield

    “Follow through. New Berlin did what they said they would do and they weren’t pushy.”

           -Jerry from Elm Grove

    “I am so thrilled with New Berlin Heating & Cooling that I would recommend them to my most crabby friend!”

           -Mary Ellen from Menomonee Falls

    “They show up when they say say they are going to be there. Their service techs are respectful and they clean up after themselves. That alone keeps me coming back.”

           -Janet from Brookfield

    New Berlin Heating works so fast. I thought they were going to be in my house all day and by 1 pm they were cleaning up. And I mean really cleaning up. My basement was spotless.”

           -Jim from Mukwonago

    “When I needed a service call, they responded and were on schedule. And they followed through on the installation of my new furnace in a reasonable
    period of time.”

           -Ed from New Berlin

    “They took care of everything including all the rebates. Everything was followed through very smoothly.”

           -Ken from Waukesha