Nowadays it seems like there isn’t anything you can’t buy online. In most cases people shop online because they think they can find a better price. For example, they go into a store, see something they like and then type it into Google looking for a better price. And why not? Sometimes it can save you a substantial amount of money. The problem? You must be very careful because there are some serious downsides.

The newest trend are homeowners looking to save money by buying their HVAC equipment online. In theory, it sounds like a good idea but in the long run it could cost you up to twice of what you paid for said equipment.

Here are some real dangers in purchasing equipment online:

1. Amana – One of the leading HVAC equipment manufacturers released a policy with the following statement “No warranty is offered on Amana brand equipment purchased by consumers over the internet including web-based auctions.” You may find this is common with top brand names.

2. If you don’t read the fine print you could be stuck without a warranty! Most online retailers do not offer warranties for their equipment and it can be difficult to find a contractor who is willing to warranty a piece of equipment they didn’t sell to you, meaning that should your equipment break, you could be forced to spend even more money to replace it!

3. Even if the website you are purchasing your equipment from sounds legitimate the equipment could have been obtained illegally or it could be a knockoff.

4. Salesmen or Comfort Advisors usually will assess your existing equipment, home, external and internal factors before recommending a system. When you buy a system online, the online retailer is unable to provide you with a professional assessment and you could end up ordering equipment that is completely wrong for your home.

More often than not, buying equipment online can lead to problems down the road that could be avoided by going with a trusted home professional such as New Berlin Heating!  Sure, your local contractor’s price may be a bit higher but you have to ask yourself…what corners are the online retailers cutting in order to give you a lower price? Often, that could be a 5 year, 10 year or lifetime warranty.

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