Summer’s winding down and it’s a good time to schedule maintenance for your heating system. A thorough inspection and cleaning ensures an efficient furnace and a warm, comfortable winter—just like checking your tires and oil promises a better road trip and puts your mind at ease.

Lack of maintenance is the biggest enemy of your heating unit. Routine cleaning can boost its efficiency and protect against system failure. Nearly everyone can change or replace a filter, but when it comes to servicing your furnace or boiler, you want the expertise of professionals like those on the New Berlin Heating & Cooling team.

Our technicians are trained to detect any problems in the event that your system isn’t working properly. We can spot minor problems before they become costly breakdowns. Unfortunately, like an aging car, your system will eventually start to break down. In fact, furnaces have the most breakdowns in the last two years of their lives. All in all, preventive maintenance means a longer life for your heating equipment.

Whatever the term—safety check, checkup, clean and check, or basic tune-up—all furnace manufacturers recommend annual cleaning and maintenance. While services provided by different companies will vary, a qualified technician will make sure everything is addressed. Here’s what you can expect with our 18-step furnace inspection checklist.

Additionally, detailed records documenting all maintenance performed on your heating and cooling systems may increase the perceived value of your home and can help with resale. A strong maintenance program isn’t an option. It’s a must.

ENERGY STAR® Maintenance Checklist: