The most important thing you can do now to prepare your furnace for winter is to have it maintained, also known as tuned up, by reputable HVAC professionals like those at New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning. A tuneup ensures your furnace is ready to perform when the weather turns cold. But there are other reasons to have your furnace checked regularly.

Here are six you may not have thought of:

  • Your furnace warranty may require it. Most manufacturers will not honor their warranty if you don’t have your system checked regularly. A furnace tuneup can satisfy the due diligence requirement and your warranty will remain valid.
  • Holes or leaks in the vent piping or heat exchanger can allow toxic fumes to circulate into your home. Your technician will make sure everything is venting properly and inspect all furnace parts for signs of problems—including corrosion or cracks to the heat exchanger. Routine maintenance will ensure the system is clean and that any leaks or holes are repaired.
  • A tuneup regulates the temperature in your home. The technician recalibrates the furnace thermostat when he inspects the furnace so your home heats properly and reliably. A tuned up heating system uses less energy than one that is not adjusted for optimum performance.
  • Sudden temperature changes can catch your system by surprise if it’s not properly tuned up. One Wisconsin day it can be in the 90s, and the next week, it’s freezing. A tuneup greatly decreases the chance of a breakdown, and your furnace should kick in without a problem.
  • You can plan for a rainy—or snowy—day. During a tuneup, your technician can assess how your furnace is doing and how long it may last. That gives you time to prepare, compare brands, look for money-saving offers, and consult with an expert before your furnace goes out. It’s better to be prepared than have to make an expensive, snap decision.
  • Your ductwork may be loose and wasting energy. Loose or improperly connected ductwork not only makes noise but can account for more than 20 percent of wasted energy in the average home. That means higher utility bills. Our professional technicians may find and correct this problem during a checkup.

Contact us today if you haven’t had your furnace tuned up recently. A tuneup for your heating equipment isn’t an option. It’s a must for your comfort and safety this winter.

Read the ENERGY STAR Maintenance Checklist here.