Protect Your Home Comfort With Our HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance for your furnace and air conditioner is essential to keeping those systems healthy and efficient. At New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand how important it is—which is why we offer plans to help you take advantage of these services. Below, our experts break down everything you need to know about our HVAC maintenance agreement. Find exactly how it can benefit you, then give us a call to sign up today.

How Does a Maintenance Agreement Work?

When you sign up, you pay a set fee per unit for complete, comprehensive preventive service. Our service technicians will clean your systems from top to bottom, tuning up working parts and ensuring nothing is out of place. They are also trained to find potential issues inside the unit and fix them before they cause breakdowns and costly repairs. The plan is designed to be budget-friendly and even save you money over time.

How Does a Maintenance Agreement Benefit You?

On top of improving energy efficiency, reducing unexpected bills, and adding years of life to your heating and cooling systems, our maintenance plans have many advantages:

  • Safety

    While our techs look for problems with parts, they’re also checking to make sure the system runs safely. That means correcting issues that could lead to carbon monoxide leaks, electrical shorts, and poor ventilation.

  • Savings

    Did you know that for every year you don’t schedule or sign up for service, your HVAC systems lose 10 percent of their efficiency? A maintenance agreement helps not only prevent that loss, but also to boost efficiency and save you money on energy.

  • Warranty

    Many manufacturer warranties require maintenance in order to stay valid. In the event that something does go wrong with your systems, routine maintenance can help keep that warranty up to date and help you resolve the issue.

Our Top 3 Maintenance FAQs

Our comprehensive furnace maintenance covers a long list of essential inspections and adjustments. We check the thermostat, filter, ohm ignitor, heat exchanger, venting, rubber tubing, electrical connections, gas pressure, and blower amp draw. We’ll clean the flame sensor, condensate trap, burners, and cabinet and oil the motors. After we restart your system, we test to ensure everything is working properly, then provide a full report and any recommendations.

Our certified technicians run down an extensive punch list during an A/C tuneup that includes checking the filter, the contactor, electrical connections, refrigerant pressure, the amp draw on the compressor and fan motor, and temperature drop across the coil. After cleaning the outside condenser and checking the indoor coil, drain fittings, and hoses, we oil the blower and condenser fan motor. Finally, we run a full system test and verify thermostat accuracy. If any problems are found, we’ll help you make informed decisions about repairs or replacement.

We recommend tuning up your systems right before their busy seasons begin, so spring for your air conditioner and fall for your furnace. This is a great way to clear away the dust and cobwebs that accumulated since your unit was last used and helps it run smoothly and efficiently in the months ahead. Waiting could put you in an uncomfortable position if your system stops suddenly during a heat wave or deep freeze, but having a maintenance agreement means we’ll remind you when it’s time to schedule service.


We believe that prevention beats a repair every time.

Choose New Berlin Heating for Priority Service

Another big benefit of our HVAC maintenance agreement is receiving priority service. You’ll get the help you need in a hurry—along with on-site support. Or, if it’s time to replace your furnace, A/C, or boiler, our team will help take care of that, too.

All you have to do is call or contact us and sign up for a plan today.


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