iWave Air Purifiers

iWave—the Air Purifier That Can Defeat COVID

Air purifiers are like more effective furnace filters—they capture and kill contaminants that circulate through your home such as dust, dirt, and even airborne viruses. And with the iWave purifier, those viruses include COVID-19.

According to studies, these systems have proven to help make your air as clean as possible. Results show that after 10 minutes, the iWave system inactivated 84.2 percent of COVID-19; 92.6 percent after 15 minutes; and a whopping 99.4 percent inactivation after only 30 minutes.

Ready for clean, healthy air at home? Get your COVID-crushing iWave Air Purifier installed for just $725 today. Call us now at 262-784-8889 or contact us online.

iWave-R | No maintenance air purifier for residential systems
iWave-V | Low maintenance air purifier for residential systems
iWave-C | No maintenance air purifier for commercial and residential systems