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Your home’s indoor air quality is just as important as its temperature. To help you maintain it, New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning is answering some of your FAQs and sharing indoor air quality facts. Find the answers you need below, then call us at 262-784-8889 for service.

It depends on a few factors, including whether you have pets or smoke indoors. If left alone, the air in your home can be anywhere from two to five times more polluted than the outdoors. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has called indoor air pollution one of the worst five environmental dangers out there. Thankfully, New Berlin Heating has the solutions you need to resolve it.
Yes! It may not seem like much, but your air filter plays an important role in your comfort. As air flows through it, the filter catches contaminants like dust, dirt, and even certain airborne viruses. But over time, those contaminants can dirty up your filter, blocking airflow and letting other pollutants run free in your home. For best results, change standard air filters once every one to three months. If you have a high-efficiency filter, replace it every six to 12 months.
Believe it or not, a number of things—many of them simple daily household activities—contribute to bad air quality. These include:

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning products
  • Carpet fibers
  • Candles
  • Pet hair and dander
  • Pollen
  • Cabinetry
You might think of humidity as a bad thing, but you do actually need some of it for a healthy home. Aim to balance humidity levels between 30 and 45 percent in the wintertime and 50 and 60 percent in the summer. Air that’s drier than that can cause comfort problems like dry skin and colds—and air that’s too humid can cause mold, allergies, and all-around discomfort.

Yes. Depending on what you’re allergic to, you can find the perfect system for your New Berlin-area home. For example, air purifiers help capture and kill contaminants including dust, pollen, and other allergens. Or, for triggers like mold, invest in a dehumidifier. These systems reduce moisture in your air and help remove mold from the equation.


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