Most cooling problems you encounter should be reviewed and handled by a professional air conditioning contractor. Although your air conditioning unit is designed to last for years, it needs help every now and then to keep it running correctly and efficiently. While scheduling annual maintenance is the best way to keep everything in your system happy and healthy, problems can occur. When you need air conditioning in Wauwatosa, our team of experts at New Berlin Heating and Air Conditioning is here to provide everything from regular maintenance to repairs and complete replacement of your cooling system.

To protect your system and ensure you are not left without air conditioning when you may need it most, here are a few things to look out for to know when your AC system needs some TLC from a professional cooling contractor:

Strange or Unusual Noises

Modern air conditioning systems are designed to run as quietly as possible, but no unit is completely silent. Although there is uaually a slight noise coming from your unit, there is a difference between this noise and any excessive ones you begin to hear. The most common noises that may indicate your AC needs servicing include any banging, screeching or scratching, grinding, and squealing during the cooling operation. In most instances, these types of noises indicate worn, loose, or damaged parts inside your a/c unit.

Typically a quick check and repair of these issues can be performed fairly quickly and easily by a certified HVAC contractor, especially a NATE certified air conditioning technician. However, if these typically small issues are neglected and not addressed, they can lead to more extensive and costly damage, and possibly even cause a complete system breakdown.

Your a/c unit will activate when your thermostat detects or senses that the temperature inside your house has reached a warmer temperature than your desired set point. How often your air conditioner turns on will depend on a couple of things. The size of your house and the external temperature are two variables that will cause your AC unit to activate, depending on the situation. With this in mind, if your air conditioner seems to be turning on and off frequently with little to no change in your inside temperature, it may be an indication that your HVAC system is having more problems cooling your home than it should.  A variety of factors can cause frequent but inefficient operation of you air conditioner. These range from a dirty air filter to ice on the evaporator coils, to blocked condenser fins and more.

In the case of any of the above, it is wise to call a professional air conditioning company sooner rather than later, as unnecessary frequent operation puts excess strain on your cooling system. In addition to leading to repair expenses, this will also result in higher utility bills.

Another sure sign that you will want to call a professional cooling contractor is, if you feel warm air coming from your vents or if your home has a noticeable cold and warm spots. These are red flags that your air conditioner’s operation is suffering and a certified NATE air conditioning technician is probably needed. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to records of your cooling bills, because even efficient cooling can cause your bills to increase during the summer. Having a record allows you to compare your bill each month with the bill from the same month in years past to give you an accurate idea of the average cost to cool your home.

Small increases in cost are not really a cause for concern, however, a sudden and drastic increase in your energy bills, especially if the weather has been consistent, should prompt you to call a professional Wauwatosa air conditioning repair contractor. New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning provides exceptional air conditioning products and service to Wauwatosa residents. Call us whenever you need any heating or cooling assistance, as we’re here to help.