Not much is worse than having your heating and air conditioning system fail, especially in the midst of extreme cold or heat. If you monitor your HVAC system regularly, you can address many operational issues quickly, before they get much worse. Following are some common issues and possible fixes if your air conditioning is not working properly.

AC Will Not Turn On

If your air conditioning unit isn’t turning on, either the ac nit is not receiving power or the thermostat isn’t set properly. You should test the battery in the thermostat to ensure it does not need to be replaced. In addition, you should check the circuit breaker to ensure you haven’t blown a fuse. Sometimes replacing the battery or fuse will solve the problem. You should also test your system’s thermostat to confirm it is set to “cool” or “AC” and that it is adjusted to activate and start cooling your home at the correct temperature.

AC Is Not Maintaining Comfort

Inadequate air flow can be a leading cause of a cooling system not being able to maintain a comfortable temperature. The first thing you should do is change the filter. This should actually be done every 1-2 months; some higher grade filters can be good for up to 6 months. If this does not resolve the issue, call a professional cooling contractor.

Increased Energy Costs

If you are seeing higher energy costs during the summer months, your air conditioning system is probably not operating at peak efficiency. This could be due to a dirty filter or a problem with the condensing coil. The condensing coil is located in the outdoor AC unit and can get easily clogged or blocked, making the unit inefficient. You can try removing any dirt and debris that may have collected in and around the fins in the coil. However, if this doesn’t resolve the problem, you should call a professional HVAC contractor.

Strange Noises

If you are hearing humming, ticking or rattling noises, your AC unit may have loose or worn parts that are decreasing the efficiency of its performance. Check the outside unit and look for any loose screws. If you find any, tighten them. However, it is very likely that these noises are due to a broken blower motor or fan blade that need to be replaced. It would be best to call a knowledgeable HVAC company to conduct an AC check to verify the actual problem and ensure your air conditioning is brought back to its peak efficiency level as soon as possible.

An annual check of you heating and air conditioning system will ensure that you keep your home and family comfortable year round. Call New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning for all you ac repair in Franklin WI and all surrounding areas. We provide HVAC services to most cities in Southeastern Wisconsin and would love to be your heating and cooling contractor of choice.