When you think of ultraviolet (UV) lights, you probably think of sunshine or tanning. But they do more than just give you some color—they can also reduce pollution in your home. How? The experts at New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning break down the answer below. And when you’re ready to install this system in your New Berlin home, call us at 262-784-8889.

What Are UV Lights for HVAC?

Mold, mildew, and other harmful microorganisms live, thrive, and multiply in the dark inner coils of your heating and cooling systems. Installed near those coils, UV lights emit an electrical charge that zaps those microorganisms away before they can make you sick. You won’t see or hear these lights in action, but you can always rest assured they’re keeping you healthy.

Benefits of UV Lights for Home Use

Healthy Living

Because you can’t always see pollutants, you may not think about them living and growing in your home. A UV light system keeps it that way by removing them altogether.

Improved Airflow

It’s common for household contaminants to settle in your ducts and vents. Unfortunately, even the smallest amount of buildup can reduce your home’s airflow by nearly 10 percent. By removing those blockages, UV lights keep as much air circulating as possible, helping you feel more comfortable.

Better Efficiency

Those tiny buildups can also put unnecessary stress on your heating and cooling systems because they work harder to push air past them. Over time, that stress can lead to bigger problems with your furnace. While we can help you fix that, it’s best to prevent the issue altogether with ultraviolet lights. Plus, that added efficiency can help reduce energy costs and keep money in your pocket.

Does UV Light Inactivate COVID-19?

In a word, yes—UV lights do help eliminate the coronavirus. Recent research done by the American Journal of Infection Control found that certain ultraviolet rays can completely inactivate the virus in as little as nine minutes. And because these lights can also be good for your skin, they may be an ideal solution to keep your family safe and healthy during the pandemic and beyond.

Trust New Berlin Heating for Top-of-the-Line Air Quality Solutions

From these lights to air purifiers and ventilators, there are many options to improve your indoor air quality. The pros at New Berlin Heating can help you find the right one for your home, install it, and show you how it works. Healthier air is only a phone call or click away262-784-8889.