How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

While many of today’s home comfort systems should be cared for by experienced professionals, there are certain steps you can take yourself. New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you learn how to improve air quality and solve the simple stuff. Watch our IAQ videos below, and if you have questions, feel free to give us a call.

DIY Air Quality Maintenance

Some simple maintenance steps, such as changing air filters and humidifier pads, can be handled safely and affordably by homeowners—with just a little DIY guidance. In a series of short instructional videos, our owner, Mike Eaton, will make it easier for you to feel comfortable, both in your own home and with the experts at New Berlin Heating.


We believe that a little help goes a long way with our customers.

How to Replace a Humidifier Filter

Keep your whole-home humidifier running efficiently—and prevent musty, moldy odors—by replacing the filter regularly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to replacing the filter, demonstrated on two popular units.

How to Replace Your Furnace Filter

Replacing the air filter on your furnace leads to higher energy efficiency, fewer heating problems, and better comfort. In this video, we show how to swap them out in three popular models.

Still Have Questions? We Have Answers

Our team is the best in the industry, and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built since opening in 1983. We’re happy to walk you through any questions or concerns about the heating, cooling, or air quality system in your home (or small business).


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