For Custom Heating and Cooling Solutions, a Ductless Split System Is a Smart Option

Some homes are more comfortable than others, usually because an HVAC expert took the time to fully understand the special needs and challenges of each unique space. That’s exactly what we do at New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning, and we have the perfect solution for homes that don’t have ductwork or areas that are not well-serviced by existing heating and cooling units—a ductless system.

How a Ductless Split System Works

A ductless split system is aptly named: it requires no ductwork and is split into two components—an outdoor unit that connects to one or more indoor air handlers to service specific areas. In summer, its heat pump absorbs indoor heat energy and transfers it outside to cool your home. In winter, the process reverses to extract energy from outdoor air and draw it in for warmth.

The main advantage of a heat pump is its energy efficiency. Instead of burning fuel to create and transfer heat, this smart system uses existing energy in the air. The same goes for circulating cool air, making it a greener option compared to standard heating and cooling systems.

Our Top 3 Ductless FAQs

Yes! Ductless systems can have up to five indoor units to heat and cool five areas separately. In a small home or a moderate climate, it may be enough. More often, however, we recommend them as an alternative to dangerous space heaters and inefficient window air conditioners for additions, attics, sunrooms, and other bonus rooms.
A ductless split system uses up to 40 percent less energy, is much quieter, and installation requires only a three-inch hole in your wall, not an open window. This means you can keep your windows locked for security or easily open them when you want fresh air.
A ductless unit can last as long as any traditional HVAC system with proper maintenance. Annual service ensures that the coolant level is sufficient and every component is clean, lubricated, and in optimal working order.


We believe that comfort happens one home at a time.

In the Right Space, Ductless Is the Right Choice

One size—or one system—is not right for all homes, but New Berlin Heating is happy to help you find comfort solutions that fit your needs and budget. We work with gas furnaces, central air conditioners, boilers, and ductless systems, but we’ll only recommend what will work for you. Then trust us to keep it that way with regular maintenance services and affordable repairs. We believe in building relationships and stand behind our reputation for being straightforward and systematic in delivering real results.


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