Today’s world is all about convenience—and what’s easier than setting your home’s temperature right from your smartphone? This is where a Wi-Fi thermostat comes in. Below, the experts at New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning are sharing five outstanding benefits of a Wi-Fi thermostat (including how these simple devices can save you money).

What Does a Wi-Fi Thermostat Do?

A Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat works just like a traditional one does—but it streamlines the whole process for ultimate convenience. Instead of going to your thermostat, simply pull out your phone and change the temperature from there. These thermostats can even tell you how much energy you’re using day to day, helping you cut out waste and save money (more on that below).

Other Benefits of a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Remote Access

Forget to turn down the temp before heading to work or on vacation? We’ve got good news: You don’t have to be home to adjust your smart thermostat. Wherever you are, you have access to it—helping you avoid wasting energy on heating or cooling an empty house.

Schedule Temperatures

Tired of constantly turning that thermostat dial? Set a heating and cooling schedule instead. You can customize your home temperatures daily so they automatically lower when you’re asleep or at work and raise when you’re unwinding at home.

Energy Savings

Putting your comfort on a schedule can help you lower your utility costs, as you’re not constantly changing the temperatures. Programmable thermostats can also track energy usage, letting you know when you use it the most so you can work to lower it. In fact, homeowners with a smart thermostat can save up to $180 annually.

Maintenance Reminders

Furnace and air conditioner maintenance go a long way in ensuring proper home comfort. But we know that scheduling these appointments isn’t always the first thing you think of. So, let your Wi-Fi thermostat remember for you. It can send helpful reminders not only to schedule routine service, but to also replace your air filter—which is key for optimal indoor air quality.

Are Smart Thermostats Worth It?

In short, yes. From convenience to energy savings, these devices are handy and efficient. Ready to take your home comfort to the next level? Turn to the experts at New Berlin Heating to help you find the best Wi-Fi thermostat for your home (and ask about our awesome rebates to help you save, too).  Take advantage of these benefits and more today—call us at 262-784-8889 or contact us online.