Is your furnace 15 years old or more? If so, you should consider changing it to a newer, more efficient model. This will ensure your home gets the right amount of heat it needs and helps you save money in the process by using less energy.

A professional heating company and its technicians can help you in not just finding the furnace model with the best efficiency rating for your home but, more importantly, they can help you size your furnace properly according to the size and build of your home. This will ensure that you and your family are kept comfortably warm while your heating system helps you lower your energy costs.

Types of Furnaces

Choosing the right model for a new installation or a furnace replacement can be intimidating as there are a lot of different kinds of heating systems available in the market today.

Let’s have a look at what types of furnaces you can choose from:


Also known as single speed furnaces, they only have one stage of heat output. Single stage furnaces incorporate a fixed gas valve and a single-speed blower motor. These heating systems are either on and running at full power or off. These are usually a lower cost alternative if you are on a tight budget.


A two-stage furnace includes a two-stage gas valve and variable-speed blower motor. This gives the furnace the ability to run at a lower setting in milder weather and a higher setting in an extremely cold weather. The two stages help you save on utility costs more than a single-stage model.

Variable Speed

A variable speed furnace has a blower motor that runs at different speeds to precisely control the flow of heated and cooled air throughout your home.

These furnaces can help your home get a more even airflow and has several other benefits such as less energy consumption, better air quality, zoning capabilities, etc. These models are your best bet if you want to get the best comfort and save on your heating bills.

The Disadvantages of a Wrong Sized Furnace

Having a wrong sized furnace installed in your home isn’t something you recognize right away. Most of the time, homeowners will have their units professionally installed, and as long as it works, they’re fine with that

However, if a furnace is oversized for your home, it will cool your home less often, leaving your home hot and humid. On the other hand, if your furnace is undersized, it will run for so long in an attempt to raise the temperature that it may become overloaded and cause it to fail and increase your utility bills.

The Benefits of a Properly Sized Furnace

You always want your home to be as comfortable as possible, especially if you spend a lot of time indoors. Having the right sized furnace is crucial, particularly if you want your home to be snug during the bone-chilling months of winter.

A properly sized heating system will heat the home more quickly and effortlessly. Your heating costs will decrease significantly each month, and your repair bills will be kept to a minimum.

In addition, the humidity in your home will be removed, giving you better air quality. The air will be pushed through filters at the proper pressure, taking away airborne contaminants easily.

Please understand that a furnace that undergoes regular maintenance keeps all components in your furnace working properly and the parts will last considerably longer. Your furnace will also experience less breakdowns and repairs.

Furnace Company in Wauwatosa and West Allis, WI

The decision you make when you buy a furnace will affect you for years to come, so it is essential to make sure you have the right information. Choosing the right heating system is by no means a do-it-yourself project. It’s a commitment to giving your family comfort and safety.

Only licensed, experienced professionals know all the factors, such as your floor plan’s layout, window placement, and other items that have a great impact on your heating needs.

For assistance in finding the right furnace for your home, call a trusted heating company in West Allis and Wauwatosa, like New Berlin Heating and Air Conditioning.

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When you are ready for a new heating system, know that we both sell and service. We will make sure all products are properly sized for your home and meet the requirements you want.

Call New Berlin Heating and Air Conditioning for your furnace replacement in Wauwatosa or West Allis and all surrounding areas; we will answer all questions you may have, give you a free estimate and provide you with the best options.