Refrigerant is the gaseous chemical in your air conditioning unit, designed to alter the temperature in the surrounding air as it transitions between gas and liquid (and between various levels of pressure). It passes through a complex cycle that results in cool air, which a blower then circulates through your home via a system of ducts. Refrigerant levels are calibrated to a certain specific level in order to meet the design specifics of the air conditioning unit in question. When leaks develop and those levels drop, the entire air conditioner can be affected. In towns with hot summers like New Berlin, air conditioning repair services know how to seal the leaks and restore refrigerant levels quickly, before the mercury rises too high. Understanding the impact of such leaks can help illustrate why low refrigerant is a problem.

In the first place, lower refrigerant levels reduce the AC unit’s efficiency. The refrigerant absorbs thermal energy from the surrounding air, cooling it for dispersal into your home.  Less refrigerant means less thermal absorption, which means less cool air.

That in turn, forces the air conditioner to work harder to cool your home. It must expend more energy to do the same job, causing your monthly bills to rise higher than they should. Furthermore, the additional effort produces extra wear and tear on other components in your air conditioning system, increasing the risk that they will fail and requiring increasingly expensive repairs to fix. The sooner you can recharge refrigerant levels, the less overall strain and damage they will inflict on the rest of the unit.

And because low refrigerant levels usually stem from a leak in the system, a service technician needs to find and seal the leak on top of recharging the refrigerant. Otherwise, levels will drop again and you’ll be faced with the same problem.

The good news is that a qualified air conditioning service knows why low refrigerant is a problem and can correct the issue fairly easily. In New Berlin and the surrounding area, air conditioning repair is the purveyance of New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning. Our trained air conditioning experts can hunt down the source of any leak and recharge your refrigerant levels to their optimum. Give us a call to set up an appointment today. (262) 784-8889 and you can learn more information by visiting our website!