But furnaces aren’t made to last forever. At some point, they will start losing their efficiency and display signs that you need a replacement. It won’t be cost effective to continue using an inefficient furnace as it uses more fuel to keep your home warm. Also, an old furnace has a tendency to break down and a need for frequent repairs.

While it is true that investing in a new furnace involves a considerable amount of money, it also plays a crucial part in allowing your family live in a comfortable home environment. In addition, a new furnace is more efficient than your old one as it uses less energy and does a better job of providing consistent heat throughout your home.

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Here are a few signs that tell you it’s time to get a new furnace.

Your Furnace is at Least 15 Years Old

Depending on usage and how you maintain your unit, the average lifespan of a furnace is typically between 15 to 20 years. If your existing furnace is around that age, it may be costing you more to maintain it than you should.

Frequent Need for Repair

Old furnaces typically need to work harder to provide your home with the heat it needs. This often leads to overheating and the failure of certain parts. Furnaces obtain most breakdowns during the last two years of their lives. Another sign is when you need to wait to get a replacement part. As your furnace gets older, finding replacement parts gets harder.

Higher Utility Bills

Increase in fuel and electric rates are not the only reason why you have high energy bills. As your furnace ages, it loses its efficiency, especially if it hasn’t been professionally maintained on a regular basis. This inefficiency makes your furnace run longer to provide the same level of heat. The added workload translates to higher gas and electric bills.

If you notice a steady rise in your utility bills without a comparable increase in use, consider replacing your furnace. The amount of money you save in the long run can help you pay for a new, more efficient heating system.

Inconsistent Heating

If you have to constantly adjust the thermostat because you feel that some rooms are warmer than others, you may need to look into getting your furnace replaced. That’s because older furnaces are unable to properly distribute the heated air throughout the home.

Health and Safety Concerns

While a gas furnace is a great way to heat your home, your old furnace can develop cracks in the heat exchanger. Having an old unit can pose a variety of health and safety issues including carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that causes headaches, nausea, disorientation, and irritation of the skin and eyes. When repeatedly exposed to this gas, it can cause more serious effects that can be fatal.

Old furnaces have a potential to leak gas which releases carbon monoxide and puts your home at a risk for fire and furnace explosion.

Yellow Burner Flame

If your furnace is working properly, it should produce a blue flame with only very little yellow at the tip of the flame’s inner core. If the flame is primarily yellow or orange, it may be a sign that it creates carbon monoxide. This signifies a major, potentially dangerous issue. Two possible causes of this problem are too much gas and not enough air. Either way, you need a professional to investigate the problem and give you necessary recommendations.

Professional Furnace Installation from New Berlin Heating and Air Conditioning

If you notice any of these warning signs, you may need to consider replacing your existing furnace. Not only will this give you greater comfort, more importantly, it will keep your family safe from the dangers of running an inefficient furnace.

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