Even during our “Safer at Home” quarantine, now is the perfect time to open up your windows and get some work done outside. Unfortunately, it also means that allergy season is here. However, there are steps you can take around the house to help stop allergens and other airborne pathogens from getting inside and making you sick. These tips from the experts at New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning can help prevent spring allergies before they even start. Try them out, then give us a call at 262-784-8889 for help.

Invest in Indoor Air Quality Solutions

These systems are designed specifically to help you breathe easier at home:

  • Air purifiers can capture and kill up to 99 percent of airborne contaminants, including dust and dirt, before you even see allergy symptoms.
  • UV lights kill mold, mildew, and other harmful microorganisms living in your heating and cooling systems.
  • Air ventilators exchange stale indoor air for fresh outdoor air while filtering it, helping ease seasonal allergies.
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers balance moisture levels in your home and prevent allergens from circulating.

Replace Air Filters

Home air filters are key to capturing harmful contaminants and pathogens before they flow through the house. However, they get dirty in the process, which can lead to blocked airflow and particulates running free. We recommend replacing your filter once every one to three months to ensure the cleanest possible indoor air.

Dust Your Vents

Filters effectively catch contaminants and help provide allergy relief, but they can’t reach the dust, dirt, and dander that build up in your vents over time. To make sure these contaminants don’t aggravate your allergies, take the covers off your vents and dust inside them.

Schedule a Regular AC Tuneup

By having a New Berlin Heating tech clean and check your air conditioner’s working parts, you’re making sure that no allergens are built up inside the system. Regular maintenance also ensures efficient system operation, which can lower your energy bills and extend the life of the unit.

Beat Spring Allergies With Some Help From Your Friends at New Berlin Heating

We believe in going the extra mile to help you breathe easy and feel better in your own home. From installing those indoor air quality solutions in your home to performing routine service for your air conditioner, our pros have the know-how to prevent spring allergies — give us a call today at 262-784-8889 or contact us online.