There are a lot of things that make your home comfortable, but your HVAC system probably ranks pretty highly. Unfortunately, your electricity bill in the summer can make you more hot and bothered than the temperature. Read on to find out the skinny on keeping your home cool this summer.

Myth #1: It’s better to leave the AC on at a low level all day than to shut it off and re-cool the house later.

If your home is properly insulated it should only fluctuate a couple degrees during the day.

Myth #2: Too cool off your home faster, turn the temperature a few degrees below the temperature you actually want.

Your AC unit takes hot air in your home and replaces it with cool air at a set rate, and you can’t make it work any faster by lowering the temperature dramatically.

Myth #3: Keep registers and doors open to promote air flow through the house.

Your AC puts cool air wherever it detects hot air. If you close the registers and the doors to less-used rooms, your AC unit can more efficiently deliver cool air to rooms you desire.

Myth #4: Bigger is better.

A unit that’s too big for a home or room will work harder and cost more money than a smaller model.

Myth #5: Air Conditioners are energy guzzlers.

The newer systems are the most energy efficient they have ever been.

Myth #6: Run a fan to “help” the AC unit.

Fans are not designed to cool spaces – they’re designed to cool people. Turn the fan off, especially if no one is in the room

Myth #7: There’s no real need to change your filters regularly.

Dirty filters can cause up to 10% increase in your heating and cooling bill.

Myth #8: There’s no need to have your system checked unless there’s a specific problem.

(This is so wrong. Do we really need to explain?)

Myth #9: Freon should be added to your unit regularly.

Refrigerant does not need to be added unless there is a leak. If you think your unit is leaking, call us!

Myth #10: The location of your thermostat isn’t important.

Thermostats function best when positioned near the areas you want to keep most comfortable.

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