Sunny warm days are winding down and winter is right around the corner. Since you don’t want to experience central air conditioning problems when you crank it up next summer, it is necessary to winterize your air conditioning unit now.

Here is a simple five step process that will help minimize the need for air conditioning repair in the spring.

  • Step 1. Turn off the power. Your central air conditioning unit has its own circuit breaker which is usually a gray box attached to the side of your house right next to the unit. The first thing you need to do is open the box and turn the circuit switch off.
  • Step 2. Sweep it clean. With a whisk broom sweep away any leaves, grass or cobwebs that are on or around the unit. This will keep debris from collecting and freezing on the unit during the winter months.
  • Step 3. Clean the coils. Use a hose with a jet spray to clean off the condenser coils inside the unit. Spray from the inside of the coils through to the outside. This washes away any dirt or grime that has accumulated during the summer. Make sure you avoid spraying the fan motor or wires. Either by hand or with a vacuum, clean out any debris that is on the bottom inside of the unit.
  • Step 4. Cover it up. If you don’t have a central air conditioning unit cover, you can purchase one at a home improvement store or online. Make sure that it fits the size of your particular unit. Keeping snow and ice from getting inside will prevent rust. A cover will also keep debris from being blown in by the winter winds.
  • Step 5. Keep an eye on it. Make sure that you don’t allow snow and ice to build up on the top of the unit. Also, continue to sweep away any debris that builds up around it.

While in the process of winterizing, if you notice any signs of air conditioning problems, or you need your Wisconsin furnace maintenance, call New Berlin Heating 262-784-8889 for service or installation.

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