Having a properly working furnace is essential to your comfort and health. If your furnace doesn’t seem to be working properly, you should consider furnace repair in Brookfield WI by a qualified heating contractor. Just like other mechanical equipment, HVAC systems work best when properly maintained on an annual basis. This will prevent most mechanical failures before they actually become major problems needing costly repair. Here are some reasons to have your heating system inspected before the first snowfall and cold spell hits Waukesha County.

Reduce Furnace Failures

No one wants to be left without heat during a frigid winter night but, unfortunately, furnaces can wear down and seem to fail during the worst possible times – after hours or during the middle of the night! Having your furnace regularly inspected and serviced will help ensure that no unseen problems sneak up on you. Qualified service technicians can regularly inspect your furnace, ensuring it’s clean and working properly. HVAC technicians will also catch any minor problems before they become bigger ones that could leave you without heat later on. The sooner you get a minor issue fixed, the better chance you will avoid having to call a service technician during a cold wintery night.


Whether natural gas, propane or oil, furnaces burn fuel to heat your home. Just a small crack in your system or another minor problem can lead to gas or carbon monoxide leaking into your home. These omissions can lead to many different types of health problems and sometimes even death. An annual furnace tune-up helps keep you and your family safe.

Optimizing Energy Efficiency & Performance

A properly maintained furnace will provide the correct airflow throughout your home and be much more energy efficient than one not maintained. Keeping your furnace clean of dirt, dust and other debris can lead to an increase in energy efficiency of up to 20 percent, which will save you money on your utility bills. A clean and well maintained furnace does not have to work as hard as one that is clogged with dirt and other debris. Proper airflow is critical for your home comfort. Restricted airflow will make your furnace or heating system work harder, leading to increased repairs, higher energy usage and a shortened the life span. A thorough furnace tune-up each fall will ensure your home receives the proper airflow, improving your energy consumption and the overall operating performance of your heating system.

Extend The Lifespan of Your Furnace

Heating systems are expensive. By properly maintaining your furnace and making repairs, as needed, you can help extend the life of your furnace or heating unit. With proper maintenance, furnaces can operate efficiently for over 20 years, while units that are not properly maintained may only last 10 to 15 years, or less. Annual maintenance can save you thousands of dollars by not having to replace your furnace as soon as you may need without proper maintenance.

Keep Your Manufacturer Warranty Valid

Most manufacturers require that you have your furnace serviced annually in order for your warranty to remain valid. If you do happen to have a warranty that has this requirement, then you certainly want to ensure that you maintain and repair your furnace, as needed.

Call The Heating Experts

For quality heating in Brookfield WI and most cities in Southeastern Wisconsin, let our NATE certified technicians ensure you and your family are kept comfortable all winter long.

We offer annual maintenance plans to ensure our customers are never without heat during our cold Wisconsin winters. For more information on a plan that is right for you or to schedule a furnace tune up this fall, call New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning at 262-784-8889 today.