As we all continue to navigate life after COVID, finding ways to breathe safe, healthy air at home is critical. Unfortunately, in Wisconsin, you can’t simply open a window in the winter for a fresh supply. But at New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning, we have the tools and products to help you stay comfortable and healthy. Below, our experts share three of the best indoor air quality solutions for winter—and all year long, too. Find which one is best for you, then call us at 262-784-8889 for installation.

How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Air Purifiers

These home air quality systems are like enhanced versions of furnace filters. A purifier runs as part of your furnace (and your air conditioner in the summer). As air circulates through it, this system catches and eliminates nasty contaminants like dust, dirt, and even airborne viruses. In fact, these systems are so efficient that they can remove up to 99 percent of all impurities. So every time your heating system runs, you can relax knowing you’ll be warmer and breathing healthier air.


Depending on how far the weather dips, dry air can sometimes be worse than cold air. A whole-home humidifier helps solve both problems. By releasing moisture into your home, it helps fix dry air and the problems that come with it, such as:

  • Itchy skin
  • Nasal congestion
  • Nose bleeds
  • Static electricity
  • Cracking wooden furniture

The extra humidity it provides also helps you feel warmer, which could lead to you turning down your thermostat.

Air Exchangers

You may not be able to open your windows in winter to refresh your home, but air exchangers are just as effective. They work like their name suggests—they take stale, polluted air from inside your home and replace it with a fresh, clean supply from outside. It provides an easy, more natural way to improve poor indoor air quality. These products can also help reduce excess moisture in your home, as well as help improve the energy efficiency of your home comfort systems.

Need More Solutions to Indoor Air Pollution? Contact New Berlin Heating

Our team of experts wants to help you find the best indoor air quality solutions for your home as much as you do, and we have the products to make it happen. If you’re ready to breathe cleaner air today, give us a call now at 262-784-8889 or contact us online.