Cutting back on your air conditioning usage is not only great for the environment; it’s great for your wallet, too! We should know, as we have provided air conditioning in West Allis, Wauwatosa and all surrounding communities in Southeastern Wisconsin since 1983.

Conserving electricity is always a virtuous thing to do. Though, in the hottest days of a Southeastern Wisconsin summer, it can be hard to do this. There are some pretty cut-and-dry ways to cut back on your energy usage and finally tame that electricity bill.

Here are a few suggestions.

Get a Tune-up And an Inspection of Your Air Conditioner

This may be the easiest one to do, but it is the most important. Cleaning or replacing a dirty and clogged filter can help out in a tremendous way. You may see an immediate change in your air conditioner’s performance and efficiency levels.

While you can do this on your own, the best way to prevent any potential problems is to schedule an inspection from the professionals at New Berlin Heating and Air Conditioning. Our expert NATE-certified technicians can spot issues before they begin and prevent them from becoming bigger and costlier problems, saving you from being stranded in the summer with no air conditioning and a brand new hole in your wallet!

Adjusting Your Thermostat

Most people don’t think that adjusting their thermostat in hot weather has a very big impact. Yet, just a couple of degrees can make a huge impact on your energy bill!

We recommend setting your thermostat to a comfortable temperature when you’re in your home and a warmer temperature when you are either outside or not at home.

Getting a programmable thermostat can save you the hassle of trying to remember to set it before you leave.

Fans Work Too!

While you may be thinking that ceiling fans are bit low tech for the 21st century, they still work and do more than you may think! Ceiling fans can cut back on air conditioning needs, saving you money! Portable fans are also an option and work well. You can position them strategically around your home for maximum effect.

Now, of course, fans don’t actually cool the air by themselves. They just make the air feel cooler by moving it around, pulling your body heat away from your skin. Be sure that your ceiling fan has angled blades that push the air downwards towards you.

The energy usage of a fan is only a fraction of the energy used by an air conditioner. Using both at the same time can be an efficient method when you raise the temperature setting of your thermostat.

Opening your Windows

Cross-ventilation is a very simple cooling method that can be achieved by opening two or more windows in the same room.  Doing this will circulate air in a room by bringing in the cooler outside air to replace the warmer inside air – all the while creating a nice breeze for you to enjoy! Opening windows at night is an especially effective way to save energy.

Turning Off your Air Conditioner When Not in Use

Don’t waste air conditioning you don’t need!

When you are not at home, or you are outside enjoying all Southeastern Wisconsin has to offer, turning off your air conditioner can save you boatloads of money!

Simple right?

A lot of people forget to turn off their air conditioner when going to work, school or on vacation.  A programmable thermostat is an easy and inexpensive way to solve this problem,

Shade, Shade, Shade!

Your air conditioner has to work harder when there are rooms with the sun beating down on them.

There is a simple solution, blinds!

Blinds and curtains can block the sun from entering a room and heating it up and helping to reduce energy usage.

Another solution is to plant various shrubs, bushes, and trees. In particular, planting them on the South and West sides of your house, in front of your windows, is a very effective way to keep rooms cooler. Besides blocking the sun, plants can also absorb much more heat than an ordinary built surface, such as your walls and roof.

Cooking Outside

If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen!

Seriously though, it gets hot in the kitchen! Appliances like refrigerators and other electronics can create extra heat. As you have probably guessed, the oven and stove-top is the biggest culprit in creating extra heat. Cooking outside on a grill or eating chilled dishes can help avoid making your air conditioner work overtime trying to cool the dining area.

A Light Colored Roof.

“What does the color of my roof matter?”  You may ask.  Well, it does!

Just like wearing a black shirt can make you hot, a roof can do the same thing. A darker colored roof will capture and retain more heat than a roof with a lighter color.

Retrofitting your Home

Call an experienced HVAC contractor to check out your ductwork and make sure that it is sealed and has no leaks. If there is any problem, get it fixed immediately.

You can also replace old windows with newer, more energy efficient windows.  Newer windows are better insulated and will help reduce your energy bill by keeping out the hot air and keeping the cool in.

Call New Berlin Heating and Air Conditioning for all your heating and air conditioning services. We handle air conditioning repair in Wauwatosa and all surrounding cities in both Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties.