Sometimes it’s hard to know whether it’s really worthwhile to purchase an extended warranty for your home heating or cooling system. According to some experts, however, some HVAC extended warranties may not be worth the cost. This is because the original manufacturer’s warranty usually provides excellent parts coverage, and any labor cost is likely to be less than the extended warranty cost.

This is especially true when an extended warranty requires some kind of periodic servicing – say every six months or annually. This can double or triple the initial cost of the warranty, which makes the overall cost unjustifiable.

Advantages of Purchasing a Warranty

Still, there are some advantages to having HVAC extended warranties. One significant advantage is that when the manufacturer’s warranty runs out, your extended warranty will continue to provide coverage and peace of mind. Your warranty also adds value to the home, and is transferrable if you sell the home. The flexibility of coverage is also useful, covering only the years you choose. And when any kind of service is necessary, your warranty often receives service priority.

Types of Warranties

The different types of HVAC extended warranties generally include some number of years of coverage for parts replacement, and a number of years of labor costs. The replacement parts may be costly, but labor is just as costly and often more so, which makes having labor coverage worthwhile.

For example, a warranty might cover three years of parts and three years of labor, or five years of each. An extended “plus” package could cover as much as 10 or 15 years of parts and labor, which covers most of the anticipated lifetime of a system.

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