Is replacing your A/C the right move for you this summer? At New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning, we know it’s not always easy to tell if you need a new system or if a repair will do the trick. That’s why our experts are sharing some simple ways to tell the difference. Find them below, then give us a call to both fix your system and replace it.

What Is the Average Life of a Central Air Conditioning System?

When deciding to replace your system, this should be the first factor you take into account. In general, air conditioners last about 10 to 15 years. So if your unit is acting up and it’s 15 years old or older, you should consider a new one.

Does Your Air Conditioner Break Down Often?

Cooling systems go through normal wear and tear every year. After all, they do run almost non-stop in the summer. But if you routinely have a professional out to fix your A/C, the price of a new unit will almost certainly outweigh constant repair bills.

Are Your Energy Bills Sky-High?

If your thermostat is set at a consistent temperature but your energy bills are skyrocketing, a faulty A/C may be to blame. These systems do naturally lose efficiency over time. And in some cases, routine maintenance can help restore some of it. But you may be better off replacing your A/C unit if it’s costing you a fortune in utility costs.

Do You Schedule Maintenance Every Year?

Speaking of maintenance, scheduling service annually can help give your A/C the boost it needs to handle the summer heat. Our experts will thoroughly clean and tune every working part inside the system, ensure everything is operating as it should be, and even fix minor problems before they get bad enough to break down the whole unit. Your air conditioner will work almost as well as if it were brand new.

Is Your System Keeping You Comfortable?

Air conditioners are built with one goal in mind: to keep you cool during the summer. So if yours isn’t keeping up with your needs—or doesn’t seem to be working at all—it’s time to call in New Berlin Heating. Not only can our team help in repairing and replacing your A/C, but we can also help you decide which one you need. Plus, equipment that’s installed by our experts is proven to be 10 percent more efficient than systems installed by the “other guys.”

So don’t hesitate to call or contact us today.