A new furnace is a major purchase—and one that you’ll only need to make once every 15 to 20 years. With that in mind, it’s important you make the right choice when deciding which new system to buy. While it is a major decision, you’re guaranteed to make the right choice based on your needs with expert assistance from New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning. In this blog, we explain the factors you need to consider when selecting a heating system for your home. Find them below, then call us for a consultation at 262-784-8889.

Assess Your Home Size and Layout

One of the most important considerations when selecting a new furnace is the size of your home. Furnace sizes are based on factors including square footage, ductwork, and home orientation, so you want to choose the right one to heat your space most efficiently. This is essential because a furnace that’s too big or small won’t cycle properly, leaving you feeling less than cozy and increasing your energy bills.

Depending on the size and layout of your home, you might be interested in adding zoning or ductless systems for those hard-to-reach areas in addition to a new furnace. We’ll offer the right recommendations based on your needs and budget.

Add Other Options for Maximum Home Comfort

When you’re fine-tuning your comfort with a new home furnace, you might be interested in other options as well. These included boilers, ductless systems, or air quality products such as UV lights or humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

If you don’t already have one, consider adding a smart thermostat to your home so that you can better control your home temperature, even when you’re away. A smart thermostat allows you to set daily schedules and change your home temperature on the go.

Other factors to think about when choosing a new furnace include the system’s warranty, efficiency rating, and the latest in furnace technology.

Choose Your Installer Carefully

After you choose the right furnace for your home, the next step is installation. This is also an important part of the installation process, as an expert team like New Berlin Heating can ensure your system runs to the best of its ability. In fact, units installed by our team can be up to 10 percent more efficient than “the other guys.” We make sure everything is functioning perfectly before we leave, clean up the space, and thoroughly explain how everything works and answer any questions you have—both during the process and after.

Consult With the Experts at New Berlin Heating

Once you’ve reviewed the suggestions above, take the next step by calling New Berlin Heating. We’ll come to your home, measure your square footage, and ask you about any specific home comfort concerns you have. We’ll take this information and provide you with the best options. And with our financing program, you can pay for your new furnace over time. Call us today at 262-784-8889 or contact us online.