Deciding on whether to repair or replace your central air conditioning unit can be a difficult task. It is usually less expensive to repair it; however, you could be faced with ongoing service and repair costs, especially if your AC system is over 15 years old.

Here are some signs indicating it is probably time to stop paying those repair costs and invest in a new, energy-efficient cooling system for your home.


: After about 10 to 12 years, air conditioners begin working harder and losing efficiency. If your unit is a decade old or more, you should start looking into new models which will be much more energy efficient, while possessing some convenient features that will help you keep your home more comfy than a warm winter blanket.

Frequency of repairs

: As AC systems age, they will start to falter as most mechanical equipment does with wear and tear. If you see the Waukesha AC repair technician more and more frequently and are seeing increased expenses to keep your unit running, it’s a sign that your air conditioner is starting to decline in performance. It just might mean that it’s in your best interest to invest in a new air conditioner instead of paying the air conditioning repair technician.

Higher Energy bills

: If you are experiencing higher bills from your utility company year after year, it may be due to much more than just higher electricity prices. It could be due to your old air conditioner using more energy to operate, as it is working harder and dropping in efficiency. A new cooling system can save you hundreds of dollars each year on your cooling bills.

Inadequate Comfort

: As an older air conditioner starts to lose efficiency and wears down, it may not keep some rooms as cool as before. An experienced HVAC contractor can properly inspect your home for things, like duct issues and inadequate insulation, and ensure the proper size unit is selected before your purchase and installation of a new AC system.

Higher Humidity Levels

: If your home has been feeling cool but uncomfortable during the summer, your AC unit may not be operating effectively. A major function of central air conditioners is to dehumidify the air. If you feel sticky or clammy, it may be time to call an air conditioning contractor to check your AC system and possibly look into a new one.

Strange Noises

: If you are hearing some strange, new noises coming from your outdoor AC unit, don’t ignore them. Your cooling system is in need of an inspection and, depending on the issue, possibly may be telling you it’s time to be replaced.

If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, call New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning today. We will help you determine what the real issue is behind the symptoms you are dealing with and help you decide on whether to repair or replace your cooling system. With over 30 years of experience providing heating and cooling in Southeastern Wisconsin, we don’t just want to sell equipment; we want to help make the best decisions for our customers.