It’s always exciting when the temperatures start to climb in Wisconsin. But when things warm up, it tends to get hot—quickly. To make sure your cooling system can keep up, you need to schedule air conditioning maintenance with a local team you trust: New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning. If you haven’t scheduled yours yet, now’s the time to set up your annual appointment. Give us a call today.

How Can You Prepare Your A/C for Summer?

Though it’s best to leave a thorough inspection and tune-up to the experts at New Berlin Heating, there are a few air conditioning maintenance tasks you can take care of on your own to help get your unit up and running for summer:

Clean the Area Around Your Air Conditioner

Take a look around your A/C and pick up sticks, leaves, and other debris that might be blocking its vents. Not only does this help your cooling system, but it also makes your yard look nice.

Change Your HVAC Filter

Changing out your air filter helps remove extra dirt and dust from your home. This also allows your A/C to run more efficiently—and gives your indoor air quality a boost as well. It’s recommended you change your air filter every one to three months for best results.

Give It a Test Run

The best way to check your air conditioner? Turn it on and make sure it’s functioning properly. If it makes any loud sounds, emits any odors, or isn’t cooling things down as it should, this could signify a problem. That’s when you need to call New Berlin Heating for maintenance or repair.

Why Is Air Conditioning Maintenance So Important?

It might appear all is well with your A/C, but it helps to be sure with a tune-up from your local air conditioner experts. We’ll clean your unit from top to bottom and inspect all its working parts. If something is wrong, we also offer service and repairs to fix the problem. This keeps your system running efficiently, prevents total breakdowns, and ensures safer operation all around.

For extra protection, sign up for our maintenance agreement. Not only will you have peace of mind, but you’ll also receive priority service.

Have A/C Problems? Give New Berlin Heating a Call Today

If you’ve looked over your A/C and noticed something isn’t right—or you simply have questions about your system’s functionality or maintenance needs—the certified professionals at New Berlin Heating are waiting for your call. From small tweaks to full new installations, we can take on any issue you have. To set up an appointment, contact us on our website or call us at 262-784-8889.