The summer months are officially here! Whether you live in Wisconsin, New York or Missouri — the warm weather is coming! Nothing is worse then being hot and going to turn on your Air Conditioner only to find out it’s not turning on, blowing hot air, or making an odd sound. So what do you do?!

1. Check your thermostat. Is it set to below the current room temperature? If not make sure you set your thermostat for a cooler temperature. If that doesn’t work, check your electrical panel/breaker to make sure it isn’t the fuse.

2. Check your filters. We’ve said it a 100 times but a dirty filter restricts airflow and causes your unit to not work well or sometimes at all.

3. Check around your system that it is not clogged up with dirt and debris.

If your system still does not turn on it could be a more serious problem that requires the attention of a skilled HVAC technician. Call us today at 262-784-8889 to schedule a repair or visit us online at

When it comes to repair vs replace we like to go by the 50% rule: If the cost of the repairs is approximately 50% of the total cost of the unit it is time to replace!

and just remember: All of the solutions listed above are things that New Berlin Heating will check during a regular maintenance visit! Did you know that a lack of maintenance contributes up to 90% of most AC repairs! Be savvy about your AC and don’t get stuck in the heat without it!