Fall has arrived and it’s a great time to have your furnace checked to ensure it is in peak operating condition for the upcoming winter. Improper care and continuous use can result in damage to the furnace and lead to high costs for furnace repair in Franklin, Greenfield, Greendale and the surrounding cities in Southeastern Wisconsin. No one wants to be without heat during a Wisconsin winter!

Annual maintenance will help maintain your furnace’s efficiency and help extend it’s life expectancy. Professional heating contractors can help educate homeowners on how to keep furnaces working efficiently. Following are some tips to help you prepare for the upcoming winter.

Clean the Furnace Annually

Dirt and dust are can cause major problems for your furnace. A dirty furnace wastes fuel and reduces it’s heating efficiency, uses more energy and increases your home’s energy bills. Regular cleaning of the motor, blower and filter will increase efficiency and help lower your utility bills. Follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your specific brand and model of furnace, or call New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning for a furnace tune up.

Change or Clean the Furnace Filter

No Matter the type of filter you use, air filters should be replaced or cleaned regularly. Filters with cardboard frames, in particular, should be replaced (usually monthly) instead of washed. High quality filters are best if you don’t want to replace them monthly. Many of these can be replaced every 3 to 6 months and provide better air quality in your home than traditional filters. No matter your preference, maintain the proper replacement or cleaning schedule per manufacturer specifications. A clean air filter will not only improve air flow throughout your home, it will also improve the efficiency of your heating system.

Yearly Furnace Tune Ups Save Time and Money

Self inspecting the furnace for any visible signs of damage or problems is fine, but it is highly recommended to have an experienced HVAC technician conduct an annual furnace inspection and tune up. Professional heating companies go through a detailed check list of items to ensure your furnace or heating system will be in peak operating condition before the first cold spell hits. If you want to ensure you do not experience a “no heat” situation during the worst possible time this winter, your best move is to call a trained heating contractor.

Consider a Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance agreements simply ensure continued comfort in your home throughout the entire year. A maintenance agreement with a professional HVAC company, like New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning, will keep your furnace and HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently, while extending its life expectancy. Maintenance agreements are a great way to minimize unexpected repairs and costs, ensure peak performance and efficiency, and extend the life of your HVAC equipment.

Nearly all homeowners can replace or clean a filter, but thorough maintenance requires the expertise of an HVAC professional. A maintenance agreement with a knowledgeable heating and cooling company should pay for itself, as problems can be diagnosed before they become costly repairs or breakdowns. Plus, having your HVAC system properly serviced annually will keep manufacturer warranties valid.

Call New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning – Use the Best!

If you want to ensure your heating system will continue to provide total comfort throughout the winter months, call New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning as soon as possible. We would like nothing more than to show you why we are considered one of the best heating and cooling companies in Southeastern Wisconsin. Not only can we provide you with peace-of-mind that you heating system will work at peak performance, but we can answer all of your questions and provide any solutions for heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality.