Here at New Berlin Heating and Air Conditioning, we take your home comfort very seriously. We want you to have the best comfort while keeping your home energy-efficient. That is why we partnered with Carrier to provide you with some of the best high-efficiency furnaces available on the market today.

If you notice a consistent incline on your heating bills, or if your existing furnace has been in need of continual repairs, you may need to consider investing in a new high-efficiency furnace.

If these scenarios sound familiar to you, you might want to look at one of the highest-rated gas furnaces in the industry, the Carrier Infinity 98.

The new Infinity 98 is a modulating 98.5% AFUE furnace that maximizes comfort and efficiency in any home. You’ll enjoy a stable, comfortable heating all throughout your home when you choose this model. You may need to invest more on the Infinity 98, but it will begin to pay you back each month with lower gas bills.

Carrier Infinity 98 Features

The Infinity 98 monitors the climate in your home and reacts with just the right amount of heat to maintain a consistent temperature without obvious fluctuation. It adjusts at 1 percent increments from 40 percent to 100 percent capacity. It has a variable-speed fan functioning in sync with the modulating burner, allowing it to operate quietly.

With an efficiency rating of up to 98.5% AFUE, the Carrier Infinity 98 can help you save hundreds of dollars a year (your actual savings will vary depending on your family’s lifestyle, the weather patterns of your local home, and local fuel prices).

The Infinity 98 is an ENERGY STAR-rated gas furnace. Being ENERGY STAR-rated means the furnace meets or even exceeds the US Federal standards for energy efficiency.

Carrier Infinity 98 Performance

Its modulating gas valve and variable-speed blower allow the Infinity 98 to provide maximum climate control throughout your home. The Infinity thermostat is one of the top-rated controllers in the industry that offers ease of use and full system control.

The Infinity 98’s ComfortFan technology allows continuous low-fan operation for improved air filtration and better dehumidification during AC cycles.

Its SmartEvap technology removes more humidity in the summer months. Compared to conventional blowers, the Infinity 98’s ECM blower motor uses less energy, cutting back on your heating bills.

Carrier uses aluminized steel for the Infinity 98’s primary heat exchanger, providing the unit with toughness and durability. Its secondary heat exchanger is made from stainless steel that allows it to resist corrosion.

Carrier Infinity 98 Warranty

Carrier backs the heat exchangers with a lifetime limited warranty. All other parts are covered by a 10-year limited warranty. These warranties are the standard for the furnace industry.

Let the Pros Get the Job Done

The Infinity 98 is a high-performance heating system. Poor installation can reduce it to an average furnace, so most heating and cooling experts recommend professional installation by a certified HVAC contractor who specializes in Carrier furnaces. When properly installed, you’ll get the efficiency and indoor comfort you paid for, maximizing your investment.

New Berlin Heating and Air Conditioning can assist you in properly installing this amazing furnace to ensure maximum comfort and savings.

We are the preferred HVAC company of our loyal customers in Wauwatosa, WI since 1983 and they have been depending on us for all their heating and cooling needs, including furnace replacement.

We know our craft and our equipment. We carry a full complement of innovative, premium brands, most notably Carrier, to provide you with the best there is to offer. Keeping you comfortable year-round is our primary goal.

Our technicians are highly trained and certified to install, repair and maintain your heating and cooling systems, including one of the best furnaces on the market today, the Carrier Infinity 98.

Call New Berlin Heating and Air Conditioning for a free estimate and find out more about how the Carrier Infinity 98 can help you achieve maximum comfort while reducing your energy costs. We aspire to be your favorite Wauwatosa heating company.