In Southeastern Wisconsin, the temperature during the hottest days of summer can reach 90 degrees and higher. For many, these temperatures with our high humidity can be much too hot and can be very uncomfortable. Extreme heat has much more impact on our lives than just making us uncomfortable. Studies have shown a correlation between the temperatures people are subjected to and their mental state. The increase in temperature and its aftermath can negatively impact our bodies and can be harmful, both physically and mentally.

One such issue is dehydration. Sweating is our body’s natural cooling mechanism when our body heats up. Sweating makes the body use more water than usual, taking it away from various muscles, tissue and organs, including the brain. Humans require a specific amount of water to remain cognitive and functional and when water replenishment is lacking, our health will suffer. Dehydration can lead to physical problems, such as weakness, heat stroke and exhaustion.

Another issue that can be caused by over heating is a lack of sleep. Adequate sleep is required for mental stability. Without adequate air conditioning during the hottest periods of summer, the heat can affect our ability to remain comfortable while trying to sleep, reducing the likelihood of REM sleep. A lack of sleep, or even inconsistent sleep, can lead to many psychological issues like being more aggressive, hallucinations and others. The longer you go without a good night’s rest, the worse these situations will become.

Keeping Comfortable is a Key to Good Health

To avoid effects like those listed, it’s important to remain as comfortable as possible. During the hot summer months, it is vital to have air conditioning to maintain a comfortable environment in your home and a good body temperature. Keeping your central air conditioner in peak operating performance is crucial. If your cooling system is not keeping your home comfortable, AC repair services may be needed to keep it functioning properly. Don’t let the heat affect your judgment, personal relationships and health.

Professional heating & air conditioning companies can help you keep your air conditioning system properly maintained and operating efficiently throughout the hottest days and nights of a Southeastern Wisconsin summer. Call New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning when you experience any issues with your HVAC equipment.