Ever heard a car in total working order?  Everything is up to spec, oiled, well maintained and working like it should be?  Besides the low hum of the engine it doesn’t make much noise does it.  Your Air Conditioner is the same way, if it is in good working order and well maintained, it is designed to operate with as little noise as possible to prevent disturbing yourself or your neighbors.  Unless you are sitting directly underneath the vent or the unit is outside your window, you should not really be able to hear your A/C unit.  If you begin to hear odd noises throughout the day or during the night, before you start calling pest control, you may want to consider that your Air Conditioning unit may need some TLC.

Squeaky A/C Unit

If you begin to hear a shrill squeak, it may, just like in a car, mean a loose belt or one that is about to break.  To fix this issue, you may be able to replace it yourself or if not, call a qualified A/C repair professional to replace the belt for you.


Just because you might be able to whistle a sweet tune, doesn’t mean your A/C should be whistling while it’s working!  But before you go calling a professional, go ahead and take a quick check around your Air Conditioning unit.  The noise may simply be caused by an object, such as a stick, leaves or stray debris stuck in a vent that can be easily removed on your own.


In contrast to whistles, hums can be a bit harder to track down.  Unlike the hum of an engine or a motor in any number of appliances, such as a refrigerator, that generally shows that the appliance is working properly.  The hum in your A/C may be something entirely different and not a good sign.  If the humming noise is new, it may be a sign that something has come loose and is vibrating, or it could be something wrong in the unit’s motor.  If you cannot locate the source of the hum, you will want to give a call to a qualified HVAC contractor or service professional to come take a look.


Ever head of the phrase “Grinding Gears”?  It’s not uncommon to be heard when talking about manual transmissions on automobiles.  That same ear-shattering noise that we all hate to hear in our vehicle, can also happen in your central air conditioner.  If you begin to hear these grinding noises, you’re A/C unit is in some serious trouble!  It can be any number of things, such as the bearings may need to be replaced, or something may have come loose and is now stuck in the motor.  If these sounds begin, you need to get an A/C repair professional out as soon as possible.  You definitely do not want to be stuck with no cool air in your house during our hot summers!

Rattling Noises

Remember those humming noises we mentioned earlier?  Well, rattles are very similar to hums but sound much more angry.  If you begin to hear rattling noises in your A/C unit, it likely means that an object of some sort has gotten inside and is interfering with the fan.  You will want to get this fixed sooner as opposed to later to avoid any more potential malfunctions in your unit.

Hiccuping Unit

Ever heard an Air Conditioning unit hiccup?  Well, neither have we, but if yours does, let us know so we can fix it…and maybe make a video out of it to!  Seriously though, if your A/C sounds like it’s struggling to properly run consistently, you know, those slight little hesitation and interruptions while it is running, you are more than likely going to need a professional to diagnose the problem.

A/C Running But Not Cooling?

If your A/C appears to be running but is not cooling the air coming into your home, you should check to see if your unit has enough refrigerant in it.  You will also want to check to confirm that your compressor in your Air Conditioner is actually working properly as well.  If you cannot determine exactly what the problem is on your own, call your HVAC Contractor to come out and take a look at it.

While we just listed the most common symptoms that can let you know that your HVAC unit might need some attention, and many of the issues you can trouble shoot yourself, the best thing you can do for optimal A/C performance and life span is to have a yearly tune up with a qualified Air Conditioning professional. Call New Berlin Heating and Air Conditioning today to see how we can help give you and your family peace of mind and total comfort year round.