Creating a comfortable home while staying on budget is every homeowner’s goal. At New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that—and we want to help. Below, our experts are sharing some of their favorite energy efficiency tips. Use them in your home this spring to help save energy (and give us a call at 262-784-8889 for help with the last one).

Use Your Shades

As the weather warms up, so will your New Berlin home. But if the sun is making your house too warm, you don’t have to turn on your air conditioner for help. Instead, draw your blinds and curtains to keep out the sunlight and cool things down.

Replace Your Air Filter

Your filter is great for capturing airborne contaminants in your home, but over time, it can clog up and block airflow. As a result, your cooling system will use more energy trying to push air past the blockage. By replacing your filter every other month, you can keep air flowing and your energy usage down.

Switch Your Ceiling Fan Direction

Did you know you can change the direction of your ceiling fan blades? During the warmer months, flip the switch on your fan so it rotates counterclockwise. This will help push cool air back down to you instead of trapping it against the ceiling. You’ll feel cooler without having to touch your thermostat.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

But if you do want a blast of cold air from your A/C, upgrade to a programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat. These devices offer ways to conserve energy by showing you how much you use on a daily basis. They also enable you to schedule changes in temperature, eliminating the need to fidget with the dial to find your perfect setting.

Use Less Hot Water

It’s common to use hot water for things like showering and cleaning dishes, but if you want to save energy, you should use less of it. From washing your clothes in cold water to simply lowering your water heater’s temperature, you can knock a few dollars off your energy bill.

Schedule Routine A/C Maintenance

Your air conditioner will use a lot of energy keeping you cool this summer. By scheduling maintenance for it, you can ensure that it’s doing so as efficiently as possible. Plus, regular service helps ensure the system won’t break down as often, which can help you save on repair bills down the line.

For More Energy Efficiency Tips, Call the Pros at New Berlin Heating

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