Plummeting temperatures are just around the corner. The most important thing you can do to prepare your furnace for cold weather is to have it serviced by a reputable HVAC professional and Carrier dealer like New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning. A tuneup will ensure your furnace is primed and ready to perform so you stay warm and comfortable no matter what the winter weather brings.

Here are five additional ways to make sure you’re getting the best performance from your furnace this coming winter:

Clean and open your air vents

  • Remove the covers and use your vacuum hose to remove dust. Doing this can reduce the effort your furnace has to make to warm your home.

Remove anything obstructing your vents

  • So that air flows and is evenly distributed throughout your home.

Make sure your thermostat is reading the temperature correctly

  • Or check the batteries in your programmable thermostat. Your HVAC technician can perform these tasks as part of routine maintenance.

Change your furnace filter

  • Before the heating season starts and replace it monthly or as recommended. Dirty filters make your furnace work harder and can reduce the life of your system.

Consider having a whole-house humidifier installed.

  • A more humid home in the winter allows you to be more comfortable at a lower temperature.

Call us today if you haven’t had your furnace maintained and inspected recently. A strong maintenance program for your heating equipment isn’t an option. It’s a must for your comfort and safety this winter.

More Ways to “Cozy Up to Colder Weather”: