With the summer’s warmer temps here, homeowners will be relying more on their air conditioners. Professional AC maintenance from New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning can help make sure you always have cold air when you need it—and help you save money along the way. Discover all the benefits of AC maintenance below, then call us to schedule service: 262-784-8889.

Increases Energy Efficiency

During annual AC maintenance, our techs clean and tune every single part inside your system. This ensures there are no snags or deficiencies in your air conditioner—everything is working as efficiently as possible.

That also means your unit is using only as much energy as it needs to operate. You’ll see that efficiency in your energy bill, saving you hard-earned money over time.

Decreases Need for Repairs

HVAC maintenance includes identifying failing system parts and making recommendations to replace these parts, ensuring peak performance and reliability of your system. In the end, you’re saving money on both energy costs and on possible repairs in the future.

Ensures a Long System Lifespan

This benefit stems from the previous two—because air conditioner maintenance ensures peak efficiency and fewer repairs, it can run virtually stress-free for longer than cooling systems that aren’t regularly serviced. It also means you won’t have to worry about a replacement unit any time in the near future.

Enhances Indoor Air Quality

Another facet of air conditioner service is replacing your air filter. This filter works alongside your AC, catching indoor air pollutants and preventing them from circulating through your house. Our techs inspect the filtration system and may recommend replacement at the time of maintenance.

We’ll also advise you on how frequently your air filter should be changed—keeping your filter clean will ensure proper airflow and less-polluted air throughout your home.

Assures Reliable Operation

There’s nothing worse than losing cool air on a hot summer day. With regular air conditioner maintenance, you can enjoy a perfectly comfortable home all season long without having to worry about whether your system might quit on you.

For Top-Notch Air Conditioner Cleaning Service, Trust New Berlin Heating

As good as we are fixing air conditioners, we’d rather prevent those problems instead. It’s why we offer maintenance agreements—they make sure you don’t forget to schedule service while giving you benefits including:

  • Priority scheduling
  • On-site support
  • Better safety and savings on service

Call us today at 262-784-8889 or contact us online to see how maintenance can help you save.