17Oct 2017

Heating and cooling your home are two of the highest ongoing expenses for homeowners every year. They are also two of the most important requirements that homeowners need to ensure both comfort and safety. So, it can become a trying task to balance keeping your home and family comfortable and safe, while reducing energy consumption […]

10Oct 2017

Annual maintenance on one of your home’s most valuable assets, it’s HVAC system, is very important. Not only will yearly service and inspection ensure that your heating, cooling and indoor air products continue to work efficiently and effectively, it will also ensure better health and safety. Whether you heat your home with a gas furnace, […]

03Oct 2017

Having a properly working furnace is essential to your comfort and health. If your furnace doesn’t seem to be working properly, you should consider furnace repair in Brookfield WI by a qualified heating contractor. Just like other mechanical equipment, HVAC systems work best when properly maintained on an annual basis. This will prevent most mechanical […]

22Sep 2017

In Southeastern Wisconsin, the fall season is one of the best times of year – comfortable temperatures, football is back and the colors are starting to change. However,  winter will be here sooner than we think! It’s time to ensure your home will be kept warm and comfortable throughout the upcoming frigid winter months. New […]

15Sep 2017

New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning been providing heating and cooling in Southeastern Wisconsin for over 30 years. We work with our manufacturers to offer seasonal promotions to help save our customers money on new heating and cooling systems. With it being fall and winter approaching quicker than most of us would like, we are […]

12Sep 2017

Fall has arrived and it’s a great time to have your furnace checked to ensure it is in peak operating condition for the upcoming winter. Improper care and continuous use can result in damage to the furnace and lead to high costs for furnace repair in Franklin, Greenfield, Greendale and the surrounding cities in Southeastern […]

01Sep 2017

It is obvious when you are outside and you see or smell smog, smoke, chemicals, or other ‘off’ or polluting smells. We all know that the quality of the air we breathe can have a dramatic effect on our health. However, we often feel safe inside, and forget that indoor air quality is just as […]

25Aug 2017

Just like an automobile, your HVAC equipment needs annual maintenance to keep running efficiently and smoothly. The condition of your HVAC system directly impacts your home’s comfort level, your annual energy costs, and even your health and safety. If you want to keep your HVAC system running efficiently and maximize its life, annual maintenance is […]

18Aug 2017

For over 30 years, New Berlin Heating and Air Conditioning has had the privilege of serving the people and communities of Southeastern Wisconsin.  We are humbled by the support of over 25,000 residential and commercial customers that have been given to our family at New Berlin Heating & Air Conditioning, helping us grow into the […]

11Aug 2017

Air conditioners are built to run smoothly, quietly, and efficiently. However, sometimes for whatever reason – lack of maintenance, above normal usage, age, etc., they can start to run inefficiently. Not only does this make your indoor air quality less than desired, and sometimes downright miserable, but it may also increase energy bills or shorten […]